vrijdag 4 mei 2012

Nancy Sinatra – Sugar Town (1966)

Deze Lee Hazlewood song werd door Nancy Sinatra opgenomen in 1966. Hij geraakte tot #5 in de Billboard Charts van dat jaar.

De song was ietwat controversieel want het was niets meer of minder dan een “drugsong”.

Zegt Lee Hazlewood : “I was in a folk club in LA which had two levels. I could see these kids lining up sugar cubes and they had an eye-dropper and were putting something on them. I wasn’t a doper so I didn’t know what it was but I asked them. It was LSD and one of the kids said, 'You know, it’s kinda Sugar Town.' Nancy knew what the song was about because I told her, but luckily Reprise didn’t”

Sugar Town

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