zaterdag 31 maart 2012

Yusef Lateef Quartet - The Plum Blossom (1966)

Yusef Lateef Quartet - The Plum Blossom  (1966)

Yusef Lateef (ts, fl, bamboo fl, ob) Barry Harris (p) Ernie Farrow (b, rabat) Lex Humphries (d)
Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, September 5, 1961

Op Eastern Sounds. Gespeeld op een Xun (Chinese porseleinen fluit waarop maar vijf noten kunnen gespeeld worden).

Uit de liner notes van de Cat Stevens Box : I Love My Dog.

Yusuf Islam: "My buddy Jimmy Mitchell had all these jazz records — Nina Simone and Roland Kirk — and he had an obscure one, Eastern Sounds by Yusef Lateef. The song "Plum Blossom" just had this great melody, and one day I wrote words to it. And I developed it. It became an important song for me. And later, after I became Muslim, I realized I had to own up and correct that, so I told Yusef Lateef about it, gave him a big cheque and in fact started paying him royalties."

Yusef Lateef Quartet - The Plum Blossom

Cat Stevens - I love my dog

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