zaterdag 7 april 2012

Dominic Behan – The Patriot Game

Hoewel Dylan zegt dat "With God on Our Side" een originele song is van hemzelf, is het toch interessant te weten wat Liam Clancy hierover te zeggen heeft.

“‘The Patriot Game’ was written by Dominic Behan, but it was originally a song from the Appalachian Mountains (‘The Merry Month Of May’). Then it became a popular song, slightly adapted by a popular singer of the day named Joe Stafford who called it the – What was it called? ‘The Bold Grenadier,’ or something.

And it was from that popular recording that Dominic Behan took the tune and he made it into ‘The Patriot Game.’

And of course we used to sing this with great passion at the folk clubs in the (Greenwich) Village. And among the patrons was a young singer/songwriter who came into town named Bob Dylan. And he transformed it, of course, into ‘With God on Our Side.’”

In de introductie tot de song op het Newport Folk Festival in 1963 heeft Dylan het volgende  te vertellen :

“Yeah. You know, Jean Redpath sang a song here awhile ago which I heard Liam Clancy sing about two years ago and I was listening to her sing it and I thought that I never, uh, I thought I wrote this song called With God On Your Side. And it must have somewhere stayed in the back of my mind hearing Liam Clancy singing The Patriot Game.”

Meer moet dat niet zijn.

Hier zijn :

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