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Wings - "Give Ireland Back to the Irish" (1972)

"Give Ireland back to the Irish" is een song van Paul en Linda McCartney,  geschreven als reactie op de gebeurtenissen van Bloody Sunday in Noord-Ierland op 30 januari 1972.

De song werd verbannen uit de media in de UK (BBC, Radio Luxemburg en de Independent Television Authority)

Kommentaar van Paul :

"From our point of view it was the first time people questioned what we were doing in Ireland. It was so shocking. I wrote 'Give Ireland Back to the Irish', we recorded it and I was promptly 'phoned by the Chairman of EMI, Sir Joseph Lockwood, explaining that they wouldn't release it. He thought it was too inflammatory. I told him that I felt strongly about it and they had to release it. He said, 'Well it'll be banned', and of course it was. I knew 'Give Ireland Back to the Irish' wasn't an easy route, but it just seemed to me to be the time. All of us in Wings felt the same about it. But Henry McCullough's brother who lived in Northern Ireland was beaten up because of it. The thugs found out that Henry was in Wings."

De B Kant was een instrumentale versie van de A kant.

Give Ireland back to the Irish

Give Ireland back to the Irish

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